Brain Power and Psychic Power of the Mind

Brain Power and Psychic Power of the Mind

1. Brain Power

Like any muscle in the human body, the brain grows with use. Now, that’s not to say that as you learn new things your head will grow into a misshapen monstrosity. The human brain can be compared to a very complex computer.

There has yet to be a person who has even come close to using their entire mental capacity. Science had previously estimated that on average, people use only 10 percent of their mental capabilities, this surely doesn’t seem like very much when you consider what human beings are capable of and all of our accomplishments as a species. Neurologists claim that the cerebral cortex is the center of all thought. The Cerebral Cortex is made up of two halves. These two halves are connected by an intricate web of nerve fibers called Corpus Collosum. These fibers act as a super highway connecting these two halves of your brain.

It is a proven scientific fact that, the left hemisphere of the cerebral cortex is the one that is called upon to handle things that involve matters of logic, such as, reasoning, analysis, numbers and words. The right hemisphere of the brain, on the other hand, controls visualization, daydreaming, pattern recognition, color, images and imagination.

There is a universally common belief that people are either right brained or left brained. If this is the case, then it would only make sense to assume that folks like the brilliant, world renowned scientist, Albert Einstein was left brained and the creative, master photographer, Ansel Adams was right brained. However, this is not the case. After his death on April 18, 1955 at the age of 76, when Albert Einstein’s notebooks were recovered and upon closer examination they revealed a truth contrary to this commonly agreed upon theory. Einstein’s notebooks revealed that he had given credit for some of his most tremendous scientific insights to his more creative left brained daydreaming. Most people educated in these areas of science and/or biology would give credit for such ground breaking theories and scientific expertise to the more logical, left brained thinking rather than the more artistic and imagination based right brained thinking, Einstein was a dreamer.

2. Psychic Power

Innate abilities are those that you are born with or come to you naturally. It is believed in many cultures that as people, each of us has a natural psychic ability. However, just having this ability doesn’t do you much good without knowing how to access it at will. To access this natural psychic ability, it is also said that you need to master the ability to “open” what is commonly referred to in psychic communities as your third eye, which is one of seven chakras, that we all have as a part of a system. This third chakra is considered to be the mind’s center which is also your road to wisdom, spirituality and inner vision. It is for this reason that the majority of credible psychics consider this the most important of your seven chakras. Opening this chakra gives you the ability to access spiritual guidance. Learning to do this is no easy task either. Successfully opening your third eye will only become obvious once you have actually done it. Harnessing your psychic ability and opening your third eye is most commonly achieved through meditation and chanting.

Now, with this mild understanding of the basic principals of how psychic abilities can work to your advantage, how can they actually help us to lead a more successful, happy and productive life? Every day many of us experience a feeling in our gut about certain things in our daily life, for instance, places, people or even situations, the majority of us though, never act upon these impulses, which in most cases in a shame, because usually these feelings are being generated from inside your brain and are trying to tell you something. These impulses possibly carry something, that is of great significance. They could be warning signs or signs that are meant to encourage you, being transmitted from deep in your subconscious mind. Finding a way to harness this ability would be a significant benefit in the workplace and oddly as it may sound, this is entirely possible. Earlier in this article, I mentioned that it has been scientifically proven that as a human, you only use between one and ten percent of your brain. Also, scientists are uncertain what the other 90 to 99 percent of the human brain is doing. So, even the most hard core skeptics among us would have to find this a bit intriguing and ask themselves, isn’t it possible that if we don’t understand what 90 percent of the brain is doing, that some small part of it may be attributed to this? You have got to wonder.

The unconscious and subconscious mind

Many people mistakenly confuse the subconscious and unconscious mind. Also there are those who think that unconscious simply means knocked out. Sigmund Freud distinguished the differences in the two by stating that the subconscious mind is a place in the mind, just below our conscious mind where we store easily accessed information. The unconscious mind, however is where repressed memories are stored. For example, when you want to remember someone’s telephone number, you would access it via you subconscious mind. That is to say, that the number isn’t simply floating around in your conscious mind, but rather it can be access by recalling the memory of it. Your unconscious mind, on the other hand, is where you place traumatic memories. Memories that may be damaging to your psyche.

In today’s unpredictable society, where you never can tell if anyone of the people around you at any given time should be perceived as a threat. It is vital that you rely on your cognitive ability throughout your daily routine. Even when you are making the most minor and seemingly insignificant decisions, this ability comes into play. However, you do have yet another, very useful tool at your disposal, the subconscious mind. Much like a two way radio, your unconscious is sending and receiving energy, constantly reading the positive and negative energy that is being transmitted by their psyches. Your subconscious then analyzing this constant stream of information and other people are doing the same. This is that gut feeling you get, that I mentioned earlier.


There are a quite a few differing opinions about how to achieve success. People also have differing opinions on what success is wealth, happiness, health even freedom. There are five things that surely define success.

1. It is hard to disagree with the fact that you can be considered successful if you’re getting paid doing what you love.

2. Being great at what you do can be a sure sign of success. Perfecting your life’s ambition is a major hurdle to overcome on the road to success.

3. You will be hard pressed to find a successful person who does not believe in themselves.

4. Persistence throughout all of your endeavors, regardless of what they are is a consistent trait of those who are successful in life.

5. To truly be successful, you must find your niche and pursue it from a unique perspective.

This article is written by Edward Micknius for Mind Power World: http://www.MindPowerWorld.com