Guiding Your Child’s Natural Psychic Abilities

Guiding Your Child’s Natural Psychic Abilities

Many psychics and mediums have reported that their paranormal experiences began in childhood. Previously these gifted children were treated poorly in the sense that their experiences were either ignored or dismissed by their skeptical parents. Often, the children were taught to feel shame and told never to speak of their experiences.

Parents have been frightened by the paranormal experiences of their children. Those parents with particular religious beliefs have viewed these events as evil or satanic; while others may have worried that their child was exhibiting symptoms of a mental disease. The reactions of the parents and other family members have a powerful impact upon the child. Some adults who were psychic children have struggled with alcoholism and other forms of addiction. Therapists who work with psychic children are now saying that a type of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can occur when a child is left to deal with his experiences alone and without support and nurturing. The way in which the parent reacts to the child’s experiences can either hinder or boost the child’s spiritual development.

The fact that you are reading this article shows that you are more aware and receptive than these other parents. You are interested in psychic abilities and the power of the mind. You have probably had many experiences of your own, and, surely, you will not make the same mistakes, but you must still be mindful of many things when working with your child.

What Should You Look For?

~ Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Ghosts and Invisible Playmates

Seeing your child interact with someone who isn’t there is probably the most common experience. This can happen with infants, but usually becomes noticeable when the child is a toddler. This ability will often fade away once the child begins school.

~ Spontaneous Past Life Memories

There are now many documented examples of children’s past life memories. If your little one starts talking to you about his other life when he was grown, pay attention and jot down details. You may want to read the works of Ian Stevenson, Jim Tucker and Carol Bowman. Dr. Stevenson was the pioneer researcher in this area. He spent more than four decades investigating the memories of thousands of children. Dr.Tucker has studied 2500 children and he has found that most children’s memories involve recent past lives of ordinary people who died unnatural deaths (accidents, rather than illnesses). Carol Bowman advises that children who are having a genuine past life recall will appear to have a matter-of-fact tone of voice and will be consistent in the details of the stories they tell. They will often include facts and information that they haven’t yet learned in this life.

~ Psi Abilities

Your child may also experience episodes of telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition and psychokinesis. Little ones can have predictive dreams.

How to Help Your Child

~ Listen carefully. Be supportive, but as neutral as possible. This is difficult, especially if your child has a particularly spectacular experience. Don’t let your excitement make the child want to expand on what happened to impress you.

~ Document the experiences. Keep notes on what the child tells you. With older children, encourage them to write their stories and draw pictures of what they have seen.

~ Play games that encourage the use of intuition and psychic skills. You can use the special Zenner cards or a regular deck of playing cards. When using ordinary cards just ask the child to determine if it is a red or black card before you flip it over.

~ Your child may be greatly affected by other people’s emotional states. You will need to be mindful of this and see that he is not placed in overwhelming situations. Your child’s defenses are not developed and he feels vulnerable. Your child may not thrive in a typical nursery school environment. You may have to put extra effort into finding the right situation for your sensitive child.

~Explain to you child that not everyone understands these experiences and that he will have to learn that he cannot talk with everyone about them. As the parent of a psychic child you have the responsibility of teaching your child to function on both levels of his reality.

What Will Happen to My Child?

~ The ghosts and guides may leave. Some times they just back off. It seems that the stronger and more certain the child becomes, the less spirits surround him. This is fine. It is part of the child’s journey.

~ Your child may gradually lose his attachment to the previous life he recalled as he grows into this one. This is also fine. When the child has answered his questions about the previous life it will grow more distant. He will be able to experience joy in this life knowing that we continue on beyond death.

~ Perhaps your child will grow to be even more psychic. His abilities and talents will continue to increase and he will be able to help others. Perhaps your loving guidance is what will make this happen.

This article is written by Beverly Mayo for Mind Power World: http://www.MindPowerWorld.com