The Miracle Cure and Healing Effects of Yoga

The Miracle Cure and Healing Effects of Yoga

What if you were watching TV and one of those pharmaceutical drug ads came on, and in the ad this drug promised some amazingly hard to believe fixes, and then the ad simply ended? The advertisement just ended without the long disclaimer list that has become all too familiar. The list that is often read so quickly at the end of the advertisement that you can’t understand the announcer, who is detailing the list of possible side effects. The details such as “side effects to the drug may often include..” begun like that, and which often conclude with the words “sometimes fatal events have occurred” communicating to you the listener, in a more delicate way, that as an aside, just maybe if you take this miracle drug, for the “insert- ailment- here” (depression, sexual dysfunction, allergies, even tiny eyelashes, etc.. ) well… you could have a “fatal event” as your “side effect”, which is quite the pretty way to say that some people who took the drug to rid themselves of your shared and bothersome issue, actually died.

Meaning, they ceased having events, if you will. It’s certainly a fact, that in the event that you have a fatal event, indeed you will have no more bothersome events… But regardless, you are most likely quite familiar with this kind of personal health drug ad/option. The kind of drug ad/option where the problem is dramatically introduced; the music cues are on point, and there is a seemingly miraculous cure/relief for the issue that ails you, but then… what was that last mumbled jargon? Something about being bloated or headaches and diarrhea or dying? Or all of that?

These types of pharmaceutical drug commercials are commonplace now, and it is truly something, that many people will hear the advertisement, and still decide to roll the dice with regards to any possible ‘fatal events’ happening to them and happening violently upon their life. “Fatal events” that have already occurred to others who used the same drug. The overwhelming conclusion must be that people are determined not to suffer. They want to feel better, be more vital/virile, and they want some pure energy and quality of life badly enough that a ‘side effect’ as severe as death does not deter them. Wow. Is that admirable and brave? Or ridiculous?

So the earlier question remains: What if you were watching tv and one of those pharmaceutical drug ads came on, and in the ad this drug promised some amazingly hard to believe fixes, and then the ad simply ended. Meaning you would have your dream desires fulfilled: be they weight loss, optimism, a thick head of hair, sexual prowess restored, whatever. The ultimate message delivered was simply that your desires were not only attainable, but also there were no scary side effects, only unbelievable health benefits, and on top of it all, grand aesthetic rewards. You would look, feel, act, and believe yourself to be younger, happier, stronger, sexier, kinder, and ultimately at peace with your place in the universe.

If this imagined advertisement was announcing this wonder drug, and it was a pill, with no side effects, well prescriptions for this pill would be like gold. Many lives would change. The potential would be boundless. Too bad there is no such thing as this miracle drug, this wonder pill, this cure all…

Well, it is thrilling to consider that there IS a way to obtain this miracle healing cure all. It is not a pill, nor will it reveal itself within a vague blanketed answer, perhaps one which would cause some to involuntarily groan or roll their eyes, or some response that is seemingly tricky or intangible for many individuals. No, the answer is not a trick. The answer is yoga.

This answer may very well still produce involuntary eye rolling, simply because one stereotype that is often conjured up upon the mere mention of yoga could easily be one where yoga is the pastime of privileged women who drive expensive SUV’s, and use them aggressively to take up two parking spaces at their local Whole Foods Markets, while they then proceed to rush inside and rudely ask said employees for organic summer fruits, when it is the dead of winter. Women whose yoga mats protrude from their expensive ‘live simply’ tote bags, knocking over displays, and who in essence, seem to have no grasp whatsoever about living simply, respectfully, or in the present moment at all.

Yoga’s main emphasis surrounds over all well-being, and total health. The list of conditions yoga benefits uses almost every letter in the alphabet. While yoga is not necessarily perceived as a therapy for specific illnesses, it does, however, utilize a vast holistic approach whose principle focus is teaching individuals a completely new outlook on their bodies, on perception, and on a connected lifestyle. There is a birth of a seemingly new way of thinking, and way of “being” in the world, that is actually quite ancient.

The healing effects of yoga are widely proven, but the real stand out benefits are yoga’s essential aid in one’s invigoration and vitality, relieving stress, fatigue, its tremendous anti-aging dominion, and its wonders in all kinds of relaxation therapy. Yoga utilizes deep breathing, and deep stretches. These alone aid in sending rushes of highly oxygenated blood out to all of the body’s cells, thus providing rich nutrients, minerals, and strength everywhere the body requires it. Insomnia is no match for practicing yoga. There are many inverted poses in yoga, wherein the simple principals of gravity literally invigorate the scalp, and therefore the hair follicles, which encourages hair growth, and a healthy full head of hair. With these inverted poses, yoga has proven to actually reverse wrinkles, through a process of overall health that reveals itself in a youthful complexion, and a rosy glow.

All things ranging from anxiety, to poor flexibility, cancer risk, high blood pressure, alcoholism, migraines, obesity, heart disease, and sexual dysfunction either retreat, reverse, dismantle, or transpose themselves once yoga and yoga’s mindful principals are practiced. Asthma, pain management, self awareness, weight reduction, and a natural aversion to fear, all come about upon the introduction and commitment to yoga.

Lastly, and perhaps the most gorgeous by-product and deep gift that also gets delivered from yoga, is the before mentioned, seemingly intangible concept of God, or of spirituality within one’s new life when yoga becomes a part of daily living. The miracle awaits. Onward, and Namaste.

This article is written by Beth Faherty for Mind Power World: http://www.MindPowerWorld.com