What is Psychic Power and Some Famous Psychics

What is Psychic Power and Some Famous Psychics

Psychic power is a very interesting, yet controversial topic. Psychic power is interesting in the sense that it is something that is not tangible, yet is experienced by everyone at different times in their lives. Psychic power can be perceived as intuition – direct perception of truth or fact, or as a “gut feeling”. Psychic power is controversial because many people simply don’t believe that it is real. People who come from certain faiths or religions as well as people who come from strong scientific backgrounds don’t believe in psychic power either. They feel that it isn’t real because it is inaccurate when tested and the ‘ability’ is intangible. However, this article will discuss what psychic power is and where it originated from. You will also read about famous individuals from around the world who are known for their psychic abilities. You will learn the facts and myths about psychic ability and ways you can make your inherent psychic ability stronger.

What is Psychic Power?

Psychic power is the sensitivity to nonphysical or supernatural forces that are believed to come from beyond the natural world. Now, what does that mean? Some people think of having psychic powers or psychic abilities as having a sixth sense. A sixth sense is a sense that is outside of your five physical senses – touching, seeing, hearing, smelling, and tasting. A sixth sense or psychic ability is often referred to as a metaphysical ability. So in its most basic form, psychic power is knowing or seeing the future before it happens.

Psychics, Prophets, Mind Readers, Shamans, Soothsayers … – A Brief History

The terms listed above all have the same meaning. Time period, region of the world and culture all determine which term people use when referring to psychics. It is a well-known fact that psychics have played a major role in the shaping of world history. Kings and rulers throughout ancient history often waged wars or arranged marriages based on the advice given to them by prophets and psychics. The belief in psychic ability and paranormal phenomena are evident as early as the Shakespearian era. If you look at Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet (1600s), the Dane is visited by the spirit of his dead father. This shows that people during this time in history consciously thought about metaphysical abilities and properties such as being able to communicate with the dead and receive messages about the future or the unknown. Psychic ability goes back even further in history. Michel de Nostradame, most commonly known as Nostradamus, lived in the early 16th century. He had a natural psychic ability and prophesied many natural disasters such as floods, droughts and earthquakes. Nostradamus was also able to prophesize political and governmental events such as wars and assassinations. In the 18th and 19th centuries, shamans and medicine men and women became recognized among Native Americans, indigenous and aboriginal peoples. They were considered to be healers and communicators. They were thought to be mediums between the living world and the dead world. They would communicate with spirits in hopes of finding ways to benefit their community as a whole.

Famous Psychics – Past and Present

Nostradamus – Nostradamus, mentioned above, was born in mid-December in 1503. This Frenchman was a well-known seer during his time and published collections of his prophecies. These prophecies are now world-famous and many people around the world take them very seriously. Nostradamus compiled his prophecies and published them annually in an almanac. He would predict plagues, earthquakes, floods, droughts, murders, invasions, wars, and battles which can be found in his published works. However, none of them were specifically dated and because of this, he was criticized and thought to be a fake by his peers. Even though his prophecies were very vague, many people believe he has correctly prophesied such colossal events as the September 11th attacks on the United States of America and the war in Iraq.

Uri Gellar – Uri Gellar is an Israeli psychic known for his psychokinetic abilities. He was able to bend spoons and make clocks move slower or faster with just his mind. Uri became quite famous in the 1970s and appeared on television and radio shows all over the world showcasing his abilities.

Edgar Cayce – Edgar Cayce only made his way through grammar school and was not a very literate man. However, what he lacked in academic knowledge, he more than made up for in psychic abilities. Having never gone through high school or college and having no medical training, he was somehow able to diagnose medical conditions and prescribe cures that actually worked. He began using his psychic abilities at the age of 21 and continued to diagnose and cure people for 43 years. He became so good at tapping into his psychic abilities that after a while he didn’t even need to see a patient in person. He would simply go into a trance-like state that allowed him to see the patient’s ailments and cure them.

A common myth that people often think is that psychics are psychic all the time. Psychics are not psychic all the time. They tap into their ability by diverting their conscious mind and focusing deeper into their subconscious mind. By focusing deeper into their subconscious mind, the psychic is more in tune with the universe and is able to sense, see and sometimes hear messages on a spiritual level. Many psychics say that you can increase your psychic abilities by meditation and focus. If you visualize yourself reaching your goal of a higher psychic ability, then it will happen for you. The law of attraction comes into play here. When you put your mind to something that you want and focus all your energies on it, then it will happen for you. Psychics meditate and use self-hypnosis in order to delve deeper into their subconscious and teach others to do the same in order to reach similar results. Everyone has some level of psychic ability that they can tap into. Whether you call this ability psychic power or just plain old intuition, you have it!

“Nowadays even presidents, vice-presidents, and heads of big agencies are opening their minds to accept psychic phenomena, because they know it works” – Uri Gellar

This article is written by Ashley Dale for Mind Power World: http://www.MindPowerWorld.com