Harnessing Your Psychic Power for Emotional Success

Harnessing Your Psychic Power for Emotional Success

‘Psychic power’ often conjure ideas of spiritual mediums, clairvoyants and telepathy, and while there are those with the special ability to see deeper into worlds most of us find difficult to comprehend, psychic power relates more to understanding who you are in the grand scheme of things, and your ability to harness that power and apply understanding into personal growth and emotional success.

The word ‘psychic’ is a derivative of ‘psyche’, which encompasses the soul, mind and spirit – the three most important elements that make you – you. If any part of the inner-you is unhappy, in turmoil, or even a little lost, your intrinsic balance is undermined and will affect not only your internal well-being but the adverse effects will flow into all aspects of your life.

Introspection creates awareness, and is the first step in understanding where you are personally and where you want to be, but without cognitive action, introspection can produce an oppositional effect – it can sometimes begin a spiral of negativity that is difficult to overcome. Introspection must come with action; make your first goal moving forward to forge balance and harmony within. That decision alone will set you on the path of positive thinking that is the foundation for all future goals.

One of the crucial structures of understanding is accepting that we, as a people, are a fundamentally flawed species – this isn’t a negative thought process, but one that distinguishes our ability to make changes. Perfection is an unrealistic ideal pervaded by the media and entertainment industries, and society’s misconception that perfection equals happiness. Perfection is an unattainable goal – it will continue to change as society dictates. Striving for emotional and spiritual happiness will bring an inner peace that will far exceed any notion of ‘perfection’.

Emotional happiness must begin with yourself; if you are unhappy with who you are, this negativity will show through in your demeanor and outward appearance. Reliance on others for your happiness may work for a while, but you know in your heart and mind, that this type of happiness won’t last, nor will it create contentment. This journey is one you must make for yourself, and doing so with bring a sense of accomplishment and confidence that all will see.

Belief in yourself, and belief in your ability to make changes for your personal betterment should not have negative connotations but be drawn from a positive outlook. The best and most honest conversations are those we have with ourselves; encourage, don’t berate. Instead of “No one listens to me”, say: “I am strong and independent, I matter”. Don’t tell yourself: “I’m unhealthy and lazy”, be kind and truthful: “I am deserving of a healthy lifestyle”.

By changing the way we ‘speak’ to ourselves, we encourage a change in attitude, and with that comes a change in outlook and action. Happiness begins within, treat your inner-self as you would treat others – with kindness and respect. When you feel those negative thoughts rising inside you, stop and say ‘no’. Say it aloud if you have to. Giving voice to the positive strengthens its hold, and is the start of rewiring your thought-process for affirmative change.

By tapping into your positive psyche, by harnessing your positive psychic power and using it rid yourself of the negative influences of your inner-being, the changes to your life and relationships will flow naturally to not only the relationship you have with yourself, but the relationships you have with those in your life.

Altering your negative psyche will not happen overnight, it’s a journey that begins with one small but amazing step on which you build. Set achievable goals to build inner positivity, and like a well-tended garden, you will flourish.

A simple exercise is to write down your negative thoughts and feelings towards yourself, take a black marker and strike them through, literally destroying them. Then rewrite the positive, say it aloud and breathe new life into it. Make it your own. Any time those negative thoughts rear their head, strike them down. Your positive psychic power will grow stronger, louder, until it’s the only voice you hear.

Conquering negativity doesn’t just change your inner-self, but your outer presence. Negative thoughts physically drag at you; they pull your shoulders lower, drop your head and make it difficult to look people in the eye; smiles are infrequent, and there’s a tendency to avoid social gatherings.

Positivity strengthens your inner-self, and when you accomplish the goals of affirmative psychic action, your sense of accomplishment and self-belief creates a sub-conscious change in the way you carry yourself. Positive cognitive action produces confidence, and that confidence will lift your shoulders, you will hold your head a little higher and your smiles will be heartfelt and joyful.

The way you present yourself to the world comes more from within – you will look happy and content whether you’re wearing a suit, jeans or your pajamas. It shows in your face, in your demeanor, and it’s this inner peace that will draw people to you. By harnessing your positive psychic power for internal happiness, you attract external happiness.

When you say no to the negativity and embrace the positivity, you create a confidence in yourself, a love of who you are, and an understanding of your inner wealth. Love and acceptance of who you are will banish those niggling doubts and self-misconceptions, and when you don’t accept the negative, those around you and those you meet, won’t either.

Inner happiness and contentment have a flow-on effect to all aspects of your life. When the relationship you have with yourself is a strong, positive one, then the relationships you have with family and friends strengthen in their positivity. The affirmative cognitive action you take will have others view you with the same respect you show yourself – and you should accept no less.

Achieving inner harmony creates self-confidence that will work as an armor against any negative influences. You understand that you are deserving of happiness and respect, and your achievements are indicative of your strength of character and resolve.

It’s this resolve that will show you that you can do anything you set your mind to. You’ve harnessed your positive psychic power for inner peace and happiness, now go apply it to all aspects of your life: love, health, relationships and work, and be an inspiration to not only yourself, but to others as well.

This article is written by Amanda McKenzie Mind Power World: http://www.MindPowerWorld.com