Using Mind Power and the Law of Attraction

Using Mind Power and the Law of Attraction

1. The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a very popular way of managing your life as well as the goals that are an everyday part of it. Stating that your dominant thoughts will manifest themselves by accentuating the positive, when followed correctly, the law of attraction can be an extremely powerful belief system. These laws, when properly implemented, will assist you in accomplishing your life long or even daily goals. A very wise man once suggested that we do unto others as we would want done to us. Basically what this tells us, is that if you want something bad enough and follow the very basic Law of Attraction, that you will receive or accomplish it. The most important facet of this belief is that positive thinking will over come all else.

This belief does, however, work both ways and if you find yourself focusing on the negative, your true desires are said not to come to fruition. Belief in the Law of Attraction, will allow you to achieve true greatness, however, if you allow your personal fears to obstruct the manifestation of your greatest desires you will be limiting your true potential. Your accomplishments are only limited by what you believe you can accomplish. If your outlook and belief system are positive, this will work tremendously in your favor, at the same time, negative thoughts will hinder your capabilities.

2. Mind Power

It is a proven scientific fact that human beings only use a mere 10 percent of their brain. This raises a plethora of questions that science has yet to find the answers for, the very basic of which is “What are we doing with the remaining 90 percent of our brain.” It is highly doubtful that 90 percent of the human brain is lying dormant and unused.

Science is quick to discount any theories that they can not prove, however, with 90 percent of our brain’s purpose being unaccounted for, isn’t it quite possible that we just haven’t found a way to prove these theories yet. What will people be capable of once we learn to use the remaining 90 percent of our brains? Perhaps one day these questions will all be answered, until then however, we’ll just have to settle for a measly 10 percent.

The secrets that mind power has to offer are potentially limitless, however, the vast majority of people place limits on the abilities of the human mind. Following the path to unleashing your mind’s true potential can prove one of the most beneficial pursuits that you will ever undertake. Often times people assume that the power of the human mind is limited to what they already know. This is partially true, in terms of feasible actions that the mind is actually capable of. In other words, as far as we presently know, we are incapable of superhuman mental feats. That is not to say that mental capabilities are limited to your present mental abilities. People enhance their mental abilities every day. Okay, maybe I over simplified that. It is possible to strengthen your mental powers well beyond what you perhaps thought was possible. Placing limitations on the mind’s capabilities is not an ideal way to approach developing the powers of your mind, since the expansive qualities of the human mind are often far less limited than we give it credit for. That is to say, that expanding your mind is as simple as increasing your abilities to focus, enhancing your memory and/or your concentration if you follow the correct procedures needed to enhance your mind power.

3. Personal Growth and Transformation

The path to personal success is just that, personal, meaning that there is no cookie cutter formula. Each individual has their own goals and priorities, as well as their own strengths and weaknesses that are all part of their inherent personality. Each person defines success in their own way, regardless, there is one goal that is shared by all who are trying to achieve person success, self-knowledge. Most people are stuck on other peoples ideas of what success is and completely neglecting their own ideas of what is important, but this is actually quite normal. The reason for this, is that there are those of us who have idols or people who we look up to, such as a mentor. These people may influence us with their own basic values that differ from our own. Being that we look up to these people, we tend to sometimes place their beliefs above our own. The important thing is to recognize the discrepancy between the importance of our mentors beliefs and beliefs that we find important and put them into perspective accordingly. Trying to meet other people’s ideas of success and ignoring our own will lead to exhaustion and leave you unhappy, not to mention unsuccessful. Once you reach the realization of what is truly important to you, you will have taken the first major step toward achieving your own personal success.

It is a very important step to recognize your weaknesses and equally important that once you recognize them not to hide behind them. Realizing that other people’s belief systems are as important to them, as ours are to us. We must also realize that we live in a society in which accepting other people’s beliefs is a part of every day life. Certain personality types are well suited to accomplishing particular tasks. Realizing this is another step toward success personal growth and transformation.

4. Spirituality and Success

There are many hurdles and obstacles in our way, that hamper our attempts to succeed. Many of these obstacles are from external sources in our daily life, however, there are just as many that come from within ourselves. We have a tendency to deal with negative people and situations by reacting before we think the situation through properly. The majority of the time, when face with such a situation, one reacts purely out of emotion without considering the repercussions.

Success is reached much easier through working with spirituality. Approaching life’s daily situations with a spiritual aspect involves everyone and ends in a win-win result. Spirituality will also connect you with other spiritual people who can help with your goals of being successful.

5. Subconscious Mind and Success

The subconscious mind can manifest itself in many ways. The most common of which is an original successful idea, that through positive “vibes” can eventually further manifest into reality. As someone who is seeking success through personal development, it is left up to you to properly train your mind to successfully reach your personal goals.

Emotions can deeply affect your subconscious mind, in that when you associate anything with a particular emotion, then every time you subconsciously think about that thing, you will subconsciously experience that emotion. For example, I have a website and when someone subscribes to my site, I get a small jolt of energy. So, that jolt of energy that I experience when I get a subscriber, is a positive vibe that is subconsciously associated with my website, however, it works the other way too though. A negative experience can have just as profound effect on your subconscious as well.

This article is written by Edward Micknius for Mind Power World: http://www.MindPowerWorld.com