Mind Power is a Consciousness and Energy for Life

Mind Power is a Consciousness and Energy for Life

Mind power is a consciousness– a sense of interconnectedness with your true self. As humans, we possess an infinite level of skill that benefits us each and every day. Each organ within our active bodies works hard to distribute energy, mana, that assists us every day: the heart filters and pumps blood across thousands of vessels– our physical and instinctual road maps. The liver receives and cleanses toxins that have entered our bodies and effectively flushes them out. We may feel this power through our senses as well; when we lift heavy boxes with muscles, or involuntarily slam on our brakes to rapidly avoid a car accident. However, controlling and intentionally utilizing this skill can drastically improve your self-confidence, self-assurance, and success in life. Mind power is a primal and natural gift that each person is able to access. The brain is our organ that acts as the key to unlocking the door to this power, instead of just feeling it from time to time.

Mind power begins as a seed of intention that is planted in the soil of your body. It is often said that the mind has miracle-making powers. This is true when we act in accordance with what our beliefs are. You can receive the seeds by reflecting inward, and asking yourself questions like: what experiences in your life have shaped you? Where do your passions lie? Who has influenced your decisions? All of these questions are first steps toward recognizing your ability to use mind power, or planting the seeds. Just as a seed begins to emerge with roots that are solid enough to break soil, your intentions and wishes become a force that can withstand any setback. You begin to trust yourself and feel the strength of your internal influence– as long as the soil, your thoughts and body, stays healthy. By continuing to recognize what you truly desire, your foundation to build your abilities is as sturdy as concrete. You may even mentally design your foundation: tall, exquisite ivory pillars for spiritual health and stability, or expansive and wide oak trees for grounding and natural support from Mother Earth. Any moments spent dreaming about your intentions is the time spent tending to your true self and evolving into a beautiful and centered human. Your roots will spread, grow wide, and eventually rise towards the sun.

What will blossom is your capability to transcend barriers. Mind power is more than just one definition of focused intention. It is your own personal experience of success. Any area of your life can benefit from this type of metamorphosis. As your visualizations evolve over time, don’t feel compelled to expect a specific flower or tree to emerge from the soil. Seeds that are planted may not sprout for years. What may look like pea sprouts could actually be your roses you planted months ago. Because those seeds were ready to blossom and grow first, celebrate that monumental change while eagerly anticipating your other intentions. The beginning stages of discovery are the most exciting, while the process can feel mechanical and slow. However, the most permanent changes are occurring under the surface. By taking time and preparing to emerge into our atmosphere, those sprouts are well-nourished and can survive longer. The most transformative moments strike us once the sprouts are visible. Our daily lives feel different; more alive, less stressful, utterly optimistic. For the first time you will access the powerhouse within you– your brain. This journey is yours to design, experience, and enjoy: mind power will change what you thought was possible.

Mind power is a journey unlike any other you will experience in your life, and at the same time it’s a part of everything in your life. Imagine a garden without someone to talk with it, water it and support it. It’s deprived of rich, valuable resources it needs to contribute to the world. If your dreams are these seedlings, how can you ensure that they will bloom? Your soul has incredible ideas and revolutionary moments that are waiting to be planted. The world’s waiting for your message. You can actualize it with ease– the mind power journey leads to this fulfillment.

The methods of reaching mind power, and accessing it, are varied. Because each person has a unique sense of self and perspective, aligning with specific approaches to mind power that enhance your true self multiplies and expands your capabilities. Just like an orchid needs less water than a tree, these considerations must be recognized if you wish to maximize and harmonize your blossoming mind power. Creativity is your central starting point, because it’s a human trait that we are all intrinsically equipped with. All speech– through language, illustration, code, art, leadership, and movement– are some form of creativity. It takes moments of inspiration to express oneself, no matter what form it may be, and that’s the key to cultivating your mind power.

Self-access of mind power is focused toward the individual, including practices such as self-talk, affirmations, and visualizations. Self-talk is any thought that relates to oneself to another person, place, or thing. Common self-talk are thoughts that compare your physical feeling to another moment in time, or comparing your mood to someone else’s perceived mood: “they are much happier than I.” Unfortunately, this practice shuts down mind power. By thinking negatively, it actualizes. Actualizing these thoughts influences your entire self. The Law of Attraction states what you think about you will attract. This natural cycle is one of the most influential forms of mind power. To utilize self-talk in mind power positively, create self-talk thoughts that enhance your strengths. If you feel tired at the moment, think about how energetic you can be. Any image or sentence that creates what you desire to reach for is how you will access transformative mind power. Intention is a magical and powerful tool. If you intend to succeed, you will make the necessary choices to reach success. This law is an integral aspect of mind power. Higher self access includes prayer and spiritual guidance. Many of us feel completely overwhelmed and are unable to focus on the self. It can be taxing to redefine your thoughts, and shifting your focus to a higher power or creator and communicating your affirmations or visualizations in this way can be equally beneficial.

By utilizing mind power to create the best intentions, others will respond kindly and openly in return. After living to honor your true self, you will be able to open up and freely give to others without feeling depleted. If you nourish yourself, you are able to share within your personal relationships. By aligning with the principles in mind power, your entire being will shift into a compassionate and loving atmosphere that radiates from within you. Taking the time to honor yourself, imagine how you may inspire others by sharing the story of your journey to mind power.

Many careers can be based on enjoyment when mind power aligns you with the right decisions and perspectives. Feeling stressed means multiple actions are squaring each other instead of complimenting each other. Your career and work life often square other desires that can contribute to feeling lost or depressed. Plug into your inner self and reflect upon what it is you truly desire for work. Career is an extension of your life purpose. Mind power not only inspires others– it causes a chain reaction that kick-starts a metamorphosis to living your best life. Mind power is accessible at any moment in your life. By focusing on what you would most desire in life, thinking about your intentions, aligning with your true self, and following through with action, any aspect of your life will greatly benefit from the use of mind power.

This article is written by Kayleigh Maijala for Mind Power World: http://www.MindPowerWorld.com