The Miracle Cure and Healing Effects of Yoga

The Miracle Cure and Healing Effects of Yoga

What if you were watching TV and one of those pharmaceutical drug ads came on, and in the ad this drug promised some amazingly hard to believe fixes, and then the ad simply ended? The advertisement just ended without the long disclaimer list that has become all too familiar. The list that is often read so quickly at the end of the advertisement that you can’t understand the announcer, who is detailing the list of possible side effects. The details such as “side effects to the drug may often include..” begun like that, and which often conclude with the words “sometimes fatal events have occurred” communicating to you the listener, in a more delicate way, that as an aside, just maybe if you take this miracle drug, for the “insert- ailment- here” (depression, sexual dysfunction, allergies, even tiny eyelashes, etc.. ) well… you could have a “fatal event” as your “side effect”, which is quite the pretty way to say that some people who took the drug to rid themselves of your shared and bothersome issue, actually died.

Meaning, they ceased having events, if you will. It’s certainly a fact, that in the event that you have a fatal event, indeed you will have no more bothersome events… But regardless, you are most likely quite familiar with this kind of personal health drug ad/option. The kind of drug ad/option where the problem is dramatically introduced; the music cues are on point, and there is a seemingly miraculous cure/relief for the issue that ails you, but then… what was that last mumbled jargon? Something about being bloated or headaches and diarrhea or dying? Or all of that?

These types of pharmaceutical drug commercials are commonplace now, and it is truly something, that many people will hear the advertisement, and still decide to roll the dice with regards to any possible ‘fatal events’ happening to them and happening violently upon their life. “Fatal events” that have already occurred to others who used the same drug. The overwhelming conclusion must be that people are determined not to suffer. They want to feel better, be more vital/virile, and they want some pure energy and quality of life badly enough that a ‘side effect’ as severe as death does not deter them. Wow. Is that admirable and brave? Or ridiculous?

So the earlier question remains: What if you were watching tv and one of those pharmaceutical drug ads came on, and in the ad this drug promised some amazingly hard to believe fixes, and then the ad simply ended. Meaning you would have your dream desires fulfilled: be they weight loss, optimism, a thick head of hair, sexual prowess restored, whatever. The ultimate message delivered was simply that your desires were not only attainable, but also there were no scary side effects, only unbelievable health benefits, and on top of it all, grand aesthetic rewards. You would look, feel, act, and believe yourself to be younger, happier, stronger, sexier, kinder, and ultimately at peace with your place in the universe.

If this imagined advertisement was announcing this wonder drug, and it was a pill, with no side effects, well prescriptions for this pill would be like gold. Many lives would change. The potential would be boundless. Too bad there is no such thing as this miracle drug, this wonder pill, this cure all…

Well, it is thrilling to consider that there IS a way to obtain this miracle healing cure all. It is not a pill, nor will it reveal itself within a vague blanketed answer, perhaps one which would cause some to involuntarily groan or roll their eyes, or some response that is seemingly tricky or intangible for many individuals. No, the answer is not a trick. The answer is yoga.

This answer may very well still produce involuntary eye rolling, simply because one stereotype that is often conjured up upon the mere mention of yoga could easily be one where yoga is the pastime of privileged women who drive expensive SUV’s, and use them aggressively to take up two parking spaces at their local Whole Foods Markets, while they then proceed to rush inside and rudely ask said employees for organic summer fruits, when it is the dead of winter. Women whose yoga mats protrude from their expensive ‘live simply’ tote bags, knocking over displays, and who in essence, seem to have no grasp whatsoever about living simply, respectfully, or in the present moment at all.

Yoga’s main emphasis surrounds over all well-being, and total health. The list of conditions yoga benefits uses almost every letter in the alphabet. While yoga is not necessarily perceived as a therapy for specific illnesses, it does, however, utilize a vast holistic approach whose principle focus is teaching individuals a completely new outlook on their bodies, on perception, and on a connected lifestyle. There is a birth of a seemingly new way of thinking, and way of “being” in the world, that is actually quite ancient.

The healing effects of yoga are widely proven, but the real stand out benefits are yoga’s essential aid in one’s invigoration and vitality, relieving stress, fatigue, its tremendous anti-aging dominion, and its wonders in all kinds of relaxation therapy. Yoga utilizes deep breathing, and deep stretches. These alone aid in sending rushes of highly oxygenated blood out to all of the body’s cells, thus providing rich nutrients, minerals, and strength everywhere the body requires it. Insomnia is no match for practicing yoga. There are many inverted poses in yoga, wherein the simple principals of gravity literally invigorate the scalp, and therefore the hair follicles, which encourages hair growth, and a healthy full head of hair. With these inverted poses, yoga has proven to actually reverse wrinkles, through a process of overall health that reveals itself in a youthful complexion, and a rosy glow.

All things ranging from anxiety, to poor flexibility, cancer risk, high blood pressure, alcoholism, migraines, obesity, heart disease, and sexual dysfunction either retreat, reverse, dismantle, or transpose themselves once yoga and yoga’s mindful principals are practiced. Asthma, pain management, self awareness, weight reduction, and a natural aversion to fear, all come about upon the introduction and commitment to yoga.

Lastly, and perhaps the most gorgeous by-product and deep gift that also gets delivered from yoga, is the before mentioned, seemingly intangible concept of God, or of spirituality within one’s new life when yoga becomes a part of daily living. The miracle awaits. Onward, and Namaste.

This article is written by Beth Faherty for Mind Power World: http://www.MindPowerWorld.com


What is Psychic Power and Some Famous Psychics

What is Psychic Power and Some Famous Psychics

Psychic power is a very interesting, yet controversial topic. Psychic power is interesting in the sense that it is something that is not tangible, yet is experienced by everyone at different times in their lives. Psychic power can be perceived as intuition – direct perception of truth or fact, or as a “gut feeling”. Psychic power is controversial because many people simply don’t believe that it is real. People who come from certain faiths or religions as well as people who come from strong scientific backgrounds don’t believe in psychic power either. They feel that it isn’t real because it is inaccurate when tested and the ‘ability’ is intangible. However, this article will discuss what psychic power is and where it originated from. You will also read about famous individuals from around the world who are known for their psychic abilities. You will learn the facts and myths about psychic ability and ways you can make your inherent psychic ability stronger.

What is Psychic Power?

Psychic power is the sensitivity to nonphysical or supernatural forces that are believed to come from beyond the natural world. Now, what does that mean? Some people think of having psychic powers or psychic abilities as having a sixth sense. A sixth sense is a sense that is outside of your five physical senses – touching, seeing, hearing, smelling, and tasting. A sixth sense or psychic ability is often referred to as a metaphysical ability. So in its most basic form, psychic power is knowing or seeing the future before it happens.

Psychics, Prophets, Mind Readers, Shamans, Soothsayers … – A Brief History

The terms listed above all have the same meaning. Time period, region of the world and culture all determine which term people use when referring to psychics. It is a well-known fact that psychics have played a major role in the shaping of world history. Kings and rulers throughout ancient history often waged wars or arranged marriages based on the advice given to them by prophets and psychics. The belief in psychic ability and paranormal phenomena are evident as early as the Shakespearian era. If you look at Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet (1600s), the Dane is visited by the spirit of his dead father. This shows that people during this time in history consciously thought about metaphysical abilities and properties such as being able to communicate with the dead and receive messages about the future or the unknown. Psychic ability goes back even further in history. Michel de Nostradame, most commonly known as Nostradamus, lived in the early 16th century. He had a natural psychic ability and prophesied many natural disasters such as floods, droughts and earthquakes. Nostradamus was also able to prophesize political and governmental events such as wars and assassinations. In the 18th and 19th centuries, shamans and medicine men and women became recognized among Native Americans, indigenous and aboriginal peoples. They were considered to be healers and communicators. They were thought to be mediums between the living world and the dead world. They would communicate with spirits in hopes of finding ways to benefit their community as a whole.

Famous Psychics – Past and Present

Nostradamus – Nostradamus, mentioned above, was born in mid-December in 1503. This Frenchman was a well-known seer during his time and published collections of his prophecies. These prophecies are now world-famous and many people around the world take them very seriously. Nostradamus compiled his prophecies and published them annually in an almanac. He would predict plagues, earthquakes, floods, droughts, murders, invasions, wars, and battles which can be found in his published works. However, none of them were specifically dated and because of this, he was criticized and thought to be a fake by his peers. Even though his prophecies were very vague, many people believe he has correctly prophesied such colossal events as the September 11th attacks on the United States of America and the war in Iraq.

Uri Gellar – Uri Gellar is an Israeli psychic known for his psychokinetic abilities. He was able to bend spoons and make clocks move slower or faster with just his mind. Uri became quite famous in the 1970s and appeared on television and radio shows all over the world showcasing his abilities.

Edgar Cayce – Edgar Cayce only made his way through grammar school and was not a very literate man. However, what he lacked in academic knowledge, he more than made up for in psychic abilities. Having never gone through high school or college and having no medical training, he was somehow able to diagnose medical conditions and prescribe cures that actually worked. He began using his psychic abilities at the age of 21 and continued to diagnose and cure people for 43 years. He became so good at tapping into his psychic abilities that after a while he didn’t even need to see a patient in person. He would simply go into a trance-like state that allowed him to see the patient’s ailments and cure them.

A common myth that people often think is that psychics are psychic all the time. Psychics are not psychic all the time. They tap into their ability by diverting their conscious mind and focusing deeper into their subconscious mind. By focusing deeper into their subconscious mind, the psychic is more in tune with the universe and is able to sense, see and sometimes hear messages on a spiritual level. Many psychics say that you can increase your psychic abilities by meditation and focus. If you visualize yourself reaching your goal of a higher psychic ability, then it will happen for you. The law of attraction comes into play here. When you put your mind to something that you want and focus all your energies on it, then it will happen for you. Psychics meditate and use self-hypnosis in order to delve deeper into their subconscious and teach others to do the same in order to reach similar results. Everyone has some level of psychic ability that they can tap into. Whether you call this ability psychic power or just plain old intuition, you have it!

“Nowadays even presidents, vice-presidents, and heads of big agencies are opening their minds to accept psychic phenomena, because they know it works” – Uri Gellar

This article is written by Ashley Dale for Mind Power World: http://www.MindPowerWorld.com


How My Wife Overcame Low Amniotic Fluids for Childbirth

How My Wife Overcame Low Amniotic Fluids for Childbirth

“I strongly suggest that you terminate this pregnancy right away.” These words are forever burned into my mind and we will get to that a little bit later on.

It was close to seven years ago that I found myself lucky enough to meet a beautiful, intelligent and charming woman who is now my fiancee. When Elaine and I had first learned that we were pregnant our thoughts immediately turned to fear, but it wasn’t long before our fear turned to excitement and thoughts of what the future had in store for us. Initially, we were terrified at the prospect of raising a child together, after a mere one and a half years together. After missing her period, Elaine, my fiancee, thought it would be a good idea to try a home pregnancy test, or three, which all came up positive.

Ever since I was a BMX racer, I always said that I would name my first born son Aiden. I had a good friend named Aiden when I was younger and I really liked that name ever since then. Elaine had agreed that if he were to be a boy, we would name him Aiden. Now of course this could only happen to us, but thinking that we had given our son an original name was not very common at the time, it just so happened that Aiden was the most popular name for boys born the same year as Aiden. Needless to say that the name doesn’t make the person, because unlike his name, he definitely is an original.

It was roughly 16 weeks into the pregnancy and Elaine felt what she described as a “gush”. She then noticed a bit of leakage. Concerned for the baby, we rushed to the hospital ER, where the tests began. First the nurses thoroughly checked the stability of Elaine’s vital signs, after which they performed a speculum test. This is a test where the doctors draw a small amount of fluid from the vagina and test it for the presence of amniotic fluid, the theory being, that the baby’s amniotic sack was ruptured and leaking. The tests came back inconclusive. Needless to say, we went back home knowing no more than what we did before we left our home that day. Almost a month later, at our previously scheduled appointment for the baby’s 20 week ultrasound, it was obvious by reading the radiology tech’s body language and facial expressions, that something that she saw was amiss, however, as it is a regular hospital policy for an employee who has not had the proper training to read the images to inform the patient of what they see, she didn’t want to inform my fiancee of what she had found in the images. After she completed her exam she printed out some of the images of the baby for my fiancee and I to keep. Shortly after the radiology tech left the room, the doctor came in. As much as I would have liked to, I was unable to get off of work, so that I could accompany Elaine to the ultrasound appointment. The doctor, who was a Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist, came in to deliver the bad news, but not before he performed a second ultrasound, to confirm his suspicions. Upon completion of his second ultrasound, he began to fill Elaine in on what he had found.

About 1:30 in the afternoon my phone rang, it was Elaine. She had called to fill me in on the latest information about the pregnancy. As the foreman of a small concrete company, I can pretty much do what I want, so I took a short break to hear what she had to say. The Maternal Fetal Medical Specialist had told Elaine that her amniotic fluid was low. There is a medical term for this, it’s called Oligohydramnios (try to say that a few times real quickly). Although the tests never actually confirmed it, the consensus was that the amniotic sack was leaking. Now, if the amniotic sack continued to leak or even if it stopped, if the fluid level did not replenish itself Aiden’s kidneys and lungs would not continue to develop. The hope was that the (non existent) tear in the amniotic sack would mend, on its own and the fluid would return to its normal level, however, this was not the case.

By now we had a team of doctors, as well as nurses working on our case around the clock. Given this new information, the doctors had recommended that Elaine come in to the hospital for weekly ultrasounds. This would allow our team of doctors to monitor Aiden and Elaine’s condition extremely closely. One thing that I have neglected to mention thus far, is that Elaine was and still is a Patient Care Assistant or a PCA in the NICU of the hospital where this whole episode is taking place. It was now time for the first round of weekly ultrasounds and I wasn’t going to miss it. So, I took off of work to accompany Elaine to this appointment. It was at this appointment that the urgency of the situation really set in for us. Up until this point, I’m not sure if the doctors had made it seem as if this was all somewhat routine for them and we didn’t need to worry too much, or if that is just the way that I was understanding it. They had never verbally told us this, it was just more the way that they talked and acted that gave me this impression. However, all that changed in just this one visit.

After we went in for our scheduled ultrasound we were brought into a separate room to wait for the doctor, in itself this wasn’t out of the norm until this man came into the room and just laid it all out on the table. “You have got a choice to make. You can go on with this pregnancy and just hope for the impossible, that the fluid level will come back to a normal level and your son will be born healthy. This, however, is very highly unlikely, borderline impossible”. He then went on to tell us that the most likely result of this choice would be, that the fluid level would stay the same or even get lower and our son would probably be still born or at least be born without lungs or kidneys and be on machines to keep him alive until we decide to “pull the plug” and let him go. The alternative or second choice, terminate the pregnancy with a late term abortion.

However, it wouldn’t be just that simple. With this decision we would be facing another hurdle. Not only was an abortion in this state illegal at that point in time, but the hospital that we were in, Christ Advocate Medical Center, Christ being the key word here. Being a Christian hospital, posed an ethical issue for the hospital. This hospital does not perform abortions after a certain point in the pregnancy, which we had passed by a few days already. So, if we were to choose this option, we would have to not only travel to the nearest state where this procedure was legal, but then find a hospital that would do it. If I live to be 150 years old, I will never forget what this “man” said next and not only that but the way that he said it. It was as if he were telling me that the cafeteria was out of Pepsi. If you don’t terminate this pregnancy, your son will not survive. When he told us this, our jaws just dropped as we starred blankly at each other, not able to find the words to comfort her, I just held Elaine as closely as I possibly could. When we got home and all that we could do was cry.

It wasn’t long before Elaine started experiencing severe pains and cramps. Once they reached the point where the pain became unbearable for her, we made our way to the emergency room to try and find out what the problem was. As usual, the doctors had to run a marathon of tests on her before they finally told her that what she was experiencing was false labor pains. So, we ended up going home. This happened a few more times before it happened. We went in for Elaine’s usual round of tests, only this time she was actually contracting.

At this point we were 25 and 5/7 weeks into the pregnancy. Elaine was given magnesium to stop the contractions and then admitted to the hospital for observation. It was the doctor’s belief that by administering magnesium, Elaine’s contractions would hold off for at least a couple of more weeks, buying Aiden more time inside the womb to develop. As fate would have it, the magnesium only slowed the contractions for the time being. I spent the night in the hospital at Elaine’s bedside, thinking that we would be returning home in the morning, this simply wasn’t the case. I was awakened the next morning at around 4 A.M. The contractions had returned and they were coming on stronger than before. Aiden was not going to wait any longer, we were about to have a baby. We were now at 25 6/7 weeks gestation and Aiden was coming right now.

The doctor who was going to deliver Aiden found that he was in the breach position, which would not allow for a normal vaginal delivery. He told us that he was going to have to perform a Cesarean delivery. (When a baby is in the breach position, what this means is that he is coming out butt first.) This didn’t seem to even phase Elaine in the least. I on the other hand, can’t stand the though of surgery or needles, I get very queasy right away. They rolled her into the delivery room, gave me a set of scrubs and told me to scrub up and get ready. Now, I had every intention of seeing my son be born, however, that was before I found out that he would be delivered by Cesarean. I couldn’t chicken out now though, Elaine needed me there. After nearly hitting the floor numerous times throughout the procedure, I witnessed what could only be described as nothing short of a miracle. I saw the doctor pull this tiny purple child from my wife and it seemed as if every single one of my emotions let loose at the exact same time. The best part of all…..he was breathing on his own and he was healthy. We were ecstatic, Elaine never looked so beautiful to me. In any case, they whisked my son off right away, before I even got to get a good look at him. They had to get him under what is called a billy light. This light is to help premature babies who are born with jaundice (not a big deal).

With our son born nearly four months premature, we were not really surprised when the doctors told us that Aiden would need to spend a little time in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). Once Elaine was released from the hospital and we were able to visit Aiden in the NICU for the first time, I can’t even begin to explain the deep feelings of love that I felt for this little child. When I say little I mean Tiny at 12 inches long and weighing only 1 lb 15 ounces, he could quite literally lay in the palm of my hand. Seeing him laying there helpless really made me realize that it was completely up to me to keep him safe and protect him from all of the evil in this world. There is nothing that could have prepared me for this moment. So, we spent the first few days of Aiden’s life at the hospital just watching over him. It didn’t seem like leaving him there was an option. When we finally did leave, it was only to go home and shower. Eventually we started going home to sleep, but we would be back early in the morning just to watch him sleep.

As happy as we were, we knew that it was too easy. That’s when the doctors noticed a discoloration in Aiden’s abdomen. This discoloration was stool leaking into his body cavity. If it wasn’t caught right away, the toxicity of his stool would have lead to an infection that would have killed him. The doctors also told us that he had a perforated bowel and would need surgery to have a stoma to allow him to poop outside of his body, as well as numerous surgeries to correct this problem. After a couple of weeks the doctors were able to reconnect Aiden’s bowel and close up the hole in his side where his stoma was.

As difficult as it was, eventually we had to both return to work. It wasn’t long before I got a call at work Aiden had a slight flutter in his heart, but for such a small baby who is so premature, even a small issue could prove to be a major issue. Needless to say I left work and flew to the hospital. By the time I arrived, however, they had told me that the issue had fixed itself.

Aiden will be five years old in July. He loves preschool and can’t wait to start kindergarten next year. He came home on a monitor for a short time, but is now a happy healthy little boy with the friendliest disposition that you could ever imagine. Right now Elaine is pregnant again and we recently found out that it is a girl.

This article is written by Edward Micknius on 14 April 2012 for Mind Power World: http://www.MindPowerWorld.com

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