Guiding Your Child’s Natural Psychic Abilities

Guiding Your Child’s Natural Psychic Abilities

Many psychics and mediums have reported that their paranormal experiences began in childhood. Previously these gifted children were treated poorly in the sense that their experiences were either ignored or dismissed by their skeptical parents. Often, the children were taught to feel shame and told never to speak of their experiences.

Parents have been frightened by the paranormal experiences of their children. Those parents with particular religious beliefs have viewed these events as evil or satanic; while others may have worried that their child was exhibiting symptoms of a mental disease. The reactions of the parents and other family members have a powerful impact upon the child. Some adults who were psychic children have struggled with alcoholism and other forms of addiction. Therapists who work with psychic children are now saying that a type of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can occur when a child is left to deal with his experiences alone and without support and nurturing. The way in which the parent reacts to the child’s experiences can either hinder or boost the child’s spiritual development.

The fact that you are reading this article shows that you are more aware and receptive than these other parents. You are interested in psychic abilities and the power of the mind. You have probably had many experiences of your own, and, surely, you will not make the same mistakes, but you must still be mindful of many things when working with your child.

What Should You Look For?

~ Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Ghosts and Invisible Playmates

Seeing your child interact with someone who isn’t there is probably the most common experience. This can happen with infants, but usually becomes noticeable when the child is a toddler. This ability will often fade away once the child begins school.

~ Spontaneous Past Life Memories

There are now many documented examples of children’s past life memories. If your little one starts talking to you about his other life when he was grown, pay attention and jot down details. You may want to read the works of Ian Stevenson, Jim Tucker and Carol Bowman. Dr. Stevenson was the pioneer researcher in this area. He spent more than four decades investigating the memories of thousands of children. Dr.Tucker has studied 2500 children and he has found that most children’s memories involve recent past lives of ordinary people who died unnatural deaths (accidents, rather than illnesses). Carol Bowman advises that children who are having a genuine past life recall will appear to have a matter-of-fact tone of voice and will be consistent in the details of the stories they tell. They will often include facts and information that they haven’t yet learned in this life.

~ Psi Abilities

Your child may also experience episodes of telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition and psychokinesis. Little ones can have predictive dreams.

How to Help Your Child

~ Listen carefully. Be supportive, but as neutral as possible. This is difficult, especially if your child has a particularly spectacular experience. Don’t let your excitement make the child want to expand on what happened to impress you.

~ Document the experiences. Keep notes on what the child tells you. With older children, encourage them to write their stories and draw pictures of what they have seen.

~ Play games that encourage the use of intuition and psychic skills. You can use the special Zenner cards or a regular deck of playing cards. When using ordinary cards just ask the child to determine if it is a red or black card before you flip it over.

~ Your child may be greatly affected by other people’s emotional states. You will need to be mindful of this and see that he is not placed in overwhelming situations. Your child’s defenses are not developed and he feels vulnerable. Your child may not thrive in a typical nursery school environment. You may have to put extra effort into finding the right situation for your sensitive child.

~Explain to you child that not everyone understands these experiences and that he will have to learn that he cannot talk with everyone about them. As the parent of a psychic child you have the responsibility of teaching your child to function on both levels of his reality.

What Will Happen to My Child?

~ The ghosts and guides may leave. Some times they just back off. It seems that the stronger and more certain the child becomes, the less spirits surround him. This is fine. It is part of the child’s journey.

~ Your child may gradually lose his attachment to the previous life he recalled as he grows into this one. This is also fine. When the child has answered his questions about the previous life it will grow more distant. He will be able to experience joy in this life knowing that we continue on beyond death.

~ Perhaps your child will grow to be even more psychic. His abilities and talents will continue to increase and he will be able to help others. Perhaps your loving guidance is what will make this happen.

This article is written by Beverly Mayo for Mind Power World: http://www.MindPowerWorld.com


Personal Transformation the Gentle and Simple Way

Personal Transformation the Gentle and Simple Way

In recent years there has been a tremendous trend in concepts such as personal transformation and with ideas surrounding laws of attraction. Interestingly enough, in this society, there has also been a tremendous amount of nurtured personal disconnection building steadily for years and years. For example, it is completely plausible for one to flip through television channels and land on a self help guru discussing how to attract success, and mere seconds later, watch a commercial where well dressed people writhe together, and laugh, apparently celebrating their startling sexiness and their clever decision to consume alcohol. How does one navigate through the continual barrage of mixed messages? How does one remain mindful when it’s subliminally obvious from the commercial that late night vodka drinking in the city results in a great tan and lots of “I’m game if you are” hot dates? Which message lands right on the mark in our heads, and which one creates negative impulses and negative thinking? or is it simply just too much to consider?

As it turns out, personal transformation is mindful. Success is mindful. You just need to keep it SIMPLE. Do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed with the enormity of a perceived task at hand, such as, “I need to transform my whole life” or “I must discontinue all of my negative thinking if I am to become rich.” Instead, focus on doing the next right thing. Sounds easy, and almost childlike, doesn’t it? Well exactly. It should be. This means, if you are hungry, make yourself a sandwich. If there is a sink with dirty dishes, wash them. Deliberately and mindfully go about the business of your morning, your afternoon, or evening, by staying in the exact moment, and directing your attention and energy towards doing the next right thing. It is through the movement and completion of these simple tasks, while keeping “do the next right thing” mantra in place, that an order is in play, a simple one, that is aiding to end existing clutter and that which is creating energy blocks.

Simple mindfulness practice is ideal for cultivating stronger inner awareness of the inherent unity of your mind and body, as well as of the myriad ways your unconscious thoughts, behaviors, and feelings can sabotage your emotional, physical, and spiritual health. It is widely known that the mind is a factor in stress and stress-related disorders, and meditation has been proven to positively affect a vast sphere of autonomic physiological processes, namely lowering your blood pressure and changing your overall instinct to respond to stress primarily with emotional reactivity, or essentially, shooting from the hip before your gun is out of it’s rational holster.

There are some basic ways to apply mindful thinking and practice to your life, gently, that are “baby steps”, and therefore somewhat easier to softly slide into play along with your existing habits and routines. With the involvement of some of these strategies, you may be able to reflect upon the “routines” and “habits” themselves, and realize they are only a way you are carrying out your behaviors, almost like a familiar route to the store. You rely on that method of getting to the store, because it is familiar, and therefore more comfortable unaltered because it seems like more work to determine a more efficient way to arrive at your destination. The following are some elements to invite into your mental and physical landscape to gently assist your existing “routes”:

1. believe in something larger and more beautiful than yourself. This does not necessarily mean running to join an organized religion, or a church down the street, although it could. Consider this task can be as small as “doing the next right thing.” So believing in something greater than yourself can mean LOOK UP. Raise your chin and breathe deeply. Look towards the sky. Take in the enormity, the vastness. BREATHE DEEPLY. As you breathe deeply, you are inviting more oxygen into your lungs, and therefore adding more oxygen into your blood stream, which then facilitating the passage of oxygen and nutrient rich blood to all of your organs. It is like a power food delivery to your grateful and hungry cells. This will help relieve anxiety, and feed your mind, enabling clearer thoughts. Watch the clouds and the birds. You are a part of this vastness, this universal and larger than life beauty.

2. Help those who are struggling more than you are. Again, this is the premise of “do the next right thing”. You do not have to go donate all your money to charity or spend your weekends in the nursing home or whatever “too much to handle” thought races into your mind. Rather, hold the door open for someone navigating too many grocery bags and wearing a frustrated grimace. Smile at the jogger. Call a friend or a family member who you know has a difficult situation in their life, simply to tell them you were thinking of them, and would they like to take a walk, or do they need help with a household chore. Remember, there is ALWAYS someone who has it rougher than you do. It will not be hard to find someone to assist. In turn, this gets you out of your own hamster cage swirling mind, and puts you at service for someone who may be lonely and overwhelmed. Do this with a gentle perspective. With the commonality of each of your struggles in mind. Struggle is universal. Breathe.

3. Pay attention to your diet. Now this little nugget of advice is hardly brand new, as it is included in nearly every strategy for self help, and even in fast food commercials! But that doesn’t mean that you may totally understand how connected and crucial a healthy diet is. Quite often vitamin and mineral deficiencies manifest themselves as symptoms that affect our mood, disposition, concentration, and overall energy. An example of this is as follows: A magnesium deficiency can result in symptoms ranging from fatigue, muscle cramps/spasms/weakness, headache, personality change, etc. All too often the sufferer will be misdiagnosed, and shortly thereafter will be on a host of painkillers, or prescription drugs, or awash in feelings of depression and failure, completely overwhelmed with the belief they have fibromyalgia, when all the while, they simply needed to include more magnesium in their diet. They needed a change on their dinner plate, not at the pharmacy.

Low levels of this and other vital nutrients have been commonly linked to asthma, migraines, allergies, anxiety disorders, ADD and a remarkable amount of the most commonly diagnosed and medicated dis-eases and dis-orders.

The truth of the matter is, our success is at our fingertips. It may be as simple as drinking a huge glass of water instead of grabbing a soda, and laughing with a child instead of over analyzing the latest success manual. If you train yourself to keep everything more simple, and to do the next right thing, the light you invite into your life will begin to only change EVERYTHING. Namaste.

This article is written by Beth Faherty for Mind Power World: http://www.MindPowerWorld.com


Holistic Health to Boost Your Well-Being

Holistic Health to Boost Your Well-Being

Holistic health, a simple text book definition would be; the health of the body as a whole system. Not to diagnose individual parts organs or systems of the body but rather attempt to heal it as a whole unit or system. However, if you delve a little bit deeper into what holistic health is, you’ll be sure to find that it consists of much more than a simple definition.

It has been a firm belief for thousands of years, in many parts of the world, that the mind, body, spirit and emotions are all interconnected and can be treated as a whole. They can also, however, lead to the cause of your problem if not properly cared for. What I Mean by this, is that when you place your faith in holistic medicine and a particular part of the body is ill effected, rather than treating the effected area as with traditional medicine, the entire body can be treated as a whole. Every aspect of our lives is interconnected and will affect every other aspect of our lives. Every thought, emotion and interaction will impact your overall health.

There are many environmental aspects that we can blame for our lack of well being, but holistic health will teach you that rather than placing the blame on environmental toxins, genetics, viruses and stress which can very well be contributing factors to many illnesses, the underlying cause of many of these illnesses can be traced back to a lack of very fundamental health enhancing personal traits such as, a strong will, responsibility, passion and support from family members and close friends. Most importantly, however, is a working knowledge of good health and a balanced lifestyle. Without these, however, your choice of healthcare modality and treatment makes no difference.

Whatever the topical illness, a “quick fix” is not a permanent solution. That is to say, that modern medicine may make you well temporarily, but without finding the underlying cause of the illness, it is very likely to return. This is where holistic health/medicine comes in. Altering your lifestyle and trying to look for a deeper, possibly a root cause of the problem through a spiritual, mental, emotional and lifestyle perspective and treating it, can often offer long term resolution for the issue. Lasting solutions to many of society’s illnesses can be reached, through a holistic heath approach, by getting to the underlying, root cause of the illnesses.

Returning to your natural state of health is possible through holistic health its and practices. Patterns of successful reversal of health problems have been proven in testing of holistic medicine. Most people share characteristics of these traits, to some degree. We are all able to manipulate these traits to some degree, allowing you to maximize your own unique approach toward returning to your natural state of being. The following are a number of steps that will ultimately help to lead you to achieving optimal health, on a holistic level.

The first and probably the most obvious is, responsibility. Basically, what this mean is, don’t be a sheep, having blind faith in just one medical option as the only way to become healthy is not being very responsible. Look retrospectively at your past “attempts” at caring for your health and judge, in all honesty how successful they were in improving your overall well being. Then make the realization that there are alternatives to what you have been bread to believe is the only way of caring for your health. By no means am I telling you to completely abandon modern medicine, just to have an open mind to possible alternatives.

Another step here is being aware, by which I mean; having a deeper understanding of yourself and your body which can be achieved by paying closer attention to your beliefs, thoughts, choices as well as, how you respond to the world around you. You need to question whether you believe that you can fix your health. What you can learn from the illness. Why you end up at the decisions that you do. By questioning these things, you can reach the realization that, previously seemingly unchangeable things, can be manipulated with the correct approach.

One of the cornerstones to good health is proper nutrition and diet. Your diet and lifestyle have a great influence on your overall health and can dictate your longevity. The surgeon general announced in 1988, that more than two-thirds of the deaths in the U.S. can be attributed to poor diet and malnourishment. Many common diseases as well as emotional problems stem from our eating habits. The vast majority of American citizens have an inadequate knowledge of the affect that food has on our health and our ability to reverse the adverse effects that diseases have on our bodies. The most effective, well balanced diets include vegetables, low fat foods, whole grains, no cholesterol, fruits and proteins.

Forgive and Forget. Resolving past issues in our lives and shedding a positive light on them is vitally important to healing. Negative emotions such as, guilt, resentment and anger all bear a negative impact on our well being and are self-poisoning. Forget about it and move on with your life and don’t carry a grudge.

Having faith and making sound judgments also play a very important role in healing. To have faith means to believe in being connected to a higher power, that there is an order to life as well as unity and a wholeness. When you have faith, you will find that you will be presented with an unlimited number of opportunities in life. To have faith, you must have a certain amount of confidence in the choices that you make and stand behind them.

You will experience a deep feeling of joy and fulfillment, once you find your purpose in life. Having a sense of purpose will allow your life to take on a whole new meaning and sense of worth. This is a prevalent trait among those who are holistically healthy. Everybody has some kind of skill set that allows them to express themselves, as do you. When you do not find this unique talent, this is when you find yourself restless and frustrated. Focus primarily on whatever it is that makes you happiest in life. You should set goals for yourself to work toward and achieve them.

Every one of these factors explained here poses an influence that is profoundly positive on your overall health and well being and when combined are far more effective than each one is individually. To overcome most sickness and achieve an approach to holistic health and boost your well being. To properly achieve this, it is a good idea to start out taking small steps, using these small steps as a foundation to long term holistic health. Not taking these steps is the only thing preventing you from living an optimally healthy life. Other than these steps, every aspect of your life and the way that you choose to live it can have a tremendous effect on your life, health and overall well being. Taking a holistic approach to health in conjunction with typical modern medicine may sometimes be your ideal approach to getting well.

This article is written by Edward Micknius for Mind Power World: http://www.MindPowerWorld.com

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